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Latest Episodes


The top 5 sources of fibre and why you should eat them

In this week’s episode number 6, we look at the importance of fibre in the diet and good sources to get it. You can download your handy info sheet by[…]

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the importance of strength training

Why you should try strength training

In episode 5, I look at the various types of exercise and movement that might find their way into our chosen exercise programme and look at the importance of considering[…]

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taxonomy of plant based diets

A taxonomy of plant based diets

This week I examine the variety of diets that are loosely plant based and ways to pick one for you. During this episode I recommend a couple of options which[…]

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Plant Based Fitness is a podcast and wellness website about living healthily by eating plants and being active. The intention is to be inclusive and to speak to everyone on the path to getting more from plants whether they are plant exclusive or not.

The podcast is authored by Mark Owen-Ward, wellness coach and personal trainer for the past ten years and advocate of a plant based lifestyle.