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Latest Episodes

evolve beauty

Interview: Laura Rudoe – Evolve Beauty

This week’s episode features a conversation with Laura Rudoe, the founder and CEO of Evolve Organic Beauty a British beauty company based in London Colney using organic, vegan ingredients throughout[…]

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minimalism, claudio silvestrin taglio bowl

How minimalism can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals

This episode looks at minimalism, what it is, what it means and how adopting a minimalist approach to life might just help you achieve your fitness or weight loss goals.[…]

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Interview: The Refill Pantry – aiming for Zero Waste

In this episode I talk to one of the founders of The Refill Pantry.   Celina Mendoza and her friend and neighbour Tania Trovatello have opened the first Zero-Waste shop in[…]

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Plant Based Fitness is a podcast and wellness website about living healthily by eating plants and being active. The intention is to be inclusive and to speak to everyone on the path to getting more from plants whether they are plant exclusive or not.

The podcast is authored by Mark Owen-Ward, wellness coach and personal trainer for the past ten years and advocate of a plant based lifestyle.