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Juice Fasting Diaries – day 27

A quick review of where I am with juicing and eating. The short answer is, I’m going to continue juicing. Listen to this episode to find out way and about some of the challenges with this choice. Further inspiration Orvel Douglas aka The Black Fruitarian John Rose – Solid Food Vacation

Juice Fasting Diaries – day 22

Today’s episode marks 22 days on the fast and I neglected to mention that the weight loss has continued and I’ve now lost 20lb or 9kg! Today I have to decide whether to continue juicing or to eat …. listen to hear more.

Juice Fasting Diaries – day 16

What do you need for a successful juice fast? Is it lots of recipes? Actually I’m finding that it is easier with less recipes and more focus on just viewing the juices as fuel for the body and no more. Now I am focusing on getting certain ingredients into my juices every day. For me…
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Juice Fasting Diaries – day 13

I’m reaching the end of my second week and hunger is getting easier to manage. I find that consuming the juices at regular intervals throughout the day is really helping me manage hunger so that I don’t feel hungry; in fact I am able to prepare meals for my family with no difficulty and the…
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Juice Fasting Diaries – day 8

I’ve lost ten pounds in the past week. Find out more in today’s episode and how the juice fast affects your toilet habits! Orange Pineapple Juice 1/4 regular sized pineapple including core but remove most skin 2-3 large oranges 1 grapefruit or 2 apples depending on taste This is a delicious fruit based juice for…
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Juice Fasting Diaries – day 3

Today’s episode touches on how the first couple of days have gone. The first three days are the hardest they say! Green Juice (I called it a smoothie in the podcast – it’s not!) 1lb of Cavolo Nero or Kale 1/2 lb of organic carrots 1/2 large cucumber 1 raw beetroot quarter of a lemon…
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Juice Fasting Diaries – day 1

Welcome to this new series at Plant Based Fitness. The Juice Fasting Diaries are all about my journey through a longer juice fast. During this fast, I will only consume juices made 80% from vegetables and 20% from fruits. I use a slow speed masticating juice by Omega and then I strain all the juices.…
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Interview: Laura Rudoe – Evolve Beauty

This week’s episode features a conversation with Laura Rudoe, the founder and CEO of Evolve Organic Beauty a British beauty company based in London Colney using organic, vegan ingredients throughout their range of 28 items. During this conversation we look at Laura’s background to setting up Evolve, the reasons for using organic, vegan ingredients, the…
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How minimalism can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals

This episode looks at minimalism, what it is, what it means and how adopting a minimalist approach to life might just help you achieve your fitness or weight loss goals. Links and useful information referred to during the episode john pawson architect claudio silvestrin architect Zen Habits by Leo Babauta the minimalists becoming minimalist no…
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Interview: The Refill Pantry – aiming for Zero Waste

In this episode I talk to one of the founders of The Refill Pantry.   Celina Mendoza and her friend and neighbour Tania Trovatello have opened the first Zero-Waste shop in St Albans. Depressed by the rising tide of recycling they were creating, and following the lead of Earth Food Love, a Zero-Waste shop in Totnes,…
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