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Interview: Laura Rudoe – Evolve Beauty

Interview: Laura Rudoe – Evolve Beauty

evolve beauty

This week’s episode features a conversation with Laura Rudoe, the founder and CEO of Evolve Organic Beauty a British beauty company based in London Colney using organic, vegan ingredients throughout their range of 28 items. During this conversation we look at Laura’s background to setting up Evolve, the reasons for using organic, vegan ingredients, the challenge of developing a new business and the future for the beauty business.

Useful links

Evolve Beauty’s website

Vivo Barefoot shoes made with algae

Punkt phone – for when you don’t want a smart phone!

Laura Rudoe’s 5 take-away points

  1. Audit your beauty cabinet
    • Take out products you don’t really need to use
    • Try and swap the remaining ones with more natural products
  2. Eat more vegetables
  3. Eat less sugar
  4. Avoid or mitigate modern living challenges such as stress and pollution
  5. Eat earlier – 3 hours before sleep.

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