Interview: Sue Sykes – Health Journey

This week’s episode is the first in what will be a regular item, an interview with someone pursuing health and fitness and trying out a plant based approach. This first interview is with Sue Sykes, a remarkable person who has overcome significant challenges with her personal health showing that a will to improve is all…
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How to Get Started

8 Top Tips (in order) Drink more water. Multiply your weight in kilograms my .033 to get your target water consumption in litres. Avoid processed food as much as you can Eat more greens Try and eat vegetables at every meal Eat locally sourced produce if you can Eat organic if you can afford it…
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This is the first episode of my new podcast, Plant Based Fitness. This will be an podcast about health and fitness from a plant based viewpoint. In this first episode I outline what to expect and the introduce myself. Welcome to the show and thanks for listening!